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While every situation is unique, below are typically how we engage with new potential Clients:

1. Understanding Client Objectives: We start with a non-committal discussion to find out Client’s needs and objectives and how we can serve them. We can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for more comfort and protect proprietary information.

2. Discussing Preliminary Advisory Solutions: Midas Advisory will provide a roadmap on alternative solutions and an estimate of fees based on a clear idea of Client’s objectives and the volume of work required.

3. Statement of Works / Engagement Agreement: Should the Client decide to mandate us, we will lay out the scope of the advisory work, deliverables, outcomes and time-frames, and setting out each party’s responsibilities via an Engagement Agreement which would be tailored specifically to Clients’ needs and most importantly give the Client the flexibility they need.

4. Advisory Mandate Officially Commences

5. Closing and any follow-up work if applicable.