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We advise on financial and corporate strategy, timing, equity and debt market positioning, communications strategy, capital structure optimization and capital allocation (capital expenditures, M&A, Share repurchases and dividends).

In addition, we assist in negotiating and closing transactions and selecting dealers/ underwriters to achieve the most suitable terms such as: purchase/ sale price, forms of consideration, transaction structure, treatment of options, employee retention, representation & warranties and no-shop/ go-shop.

  • Buy-Side Mergers and Acquisitions

With our wealth of experience and market knowledge combined with our extensive family offices and institutional contacts, we identify targets and help to devise implementation strategies and structures to solve structural, financial and regulatory demands to execute transactions effectively.

  • Sell-Side De-Mergers and Spin-Offs

We devise de-merger and spin-off strategies to maximize stakeholder value in strategic or distressed situations and advise where applicable on strategic alternatives such as recapitalizations, split-offs, carve-outs or tracking stocks.

Midas Advisory’s extensive network of Family Offices, Corporate and Institutions along with the depth of our market knowledge enables us to identify the best exit alternative to fulfill Client’s strategic objectives and maximize economic value added.

  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

We assist in multi-party and cross-border negotiations with proposed business partners and providing advice on the valuation, structure and approach keeping in mind the unique local dynamics and contexts and Client’s primary objectives.

  • Takeover Defences

We advise Clients on preventative and responsive measures regarding unsolicited activity such as hostile take-overs, shareholder activist agitation and other unexpected events. We use the depth of our market and investor knowledge and wealth of experience to achieve successful outcomes employing many tactics such as voting rights plans, flip-ins, flip-over, white knights and greenmail amongst numerous defensive tools available.

  • Management Buy-outs/ Buy-ins and Remuneration Programmes

Midas Advisory advises on devising management buy-outs or buy-ins strategies and structures to optimize financial rewards for management, access the right type of financiers, provision of suitable financial products and limiting the downside risks.

We also advise on management remuneration packages for M&A situations for various desirable outcomes such as incentivising management for a higher alignment of interests with shareholders through various tools such as earn-outs, and/ or discouraging managers from cashing out and leaving before fulfilling certain milestones.

Debt Advisory Services:

Midas Advisory advises and negotiates on behalf of Clients regarding alternatives for existing debt and the issuance of new debt. Advice generally includes credit analysis, assessment of the existing and most optimal capital structure, transaction management and structuring, establishing different forms of subordination, developing a covenants package, size and pricing, market capacity, underwriter/ counterparty selection and drafting of Offering Circulars, Investor Memorandum and Preliminary Prospectus in accordance with market expectations for Clients in the respective industry.

Our Debt Advisory Expertise includes:

  • Acquisition and Development Finance

We deliver creative solutions to meet Client’s funding objectives and defining the right debt strategy and structures and transacting on the most suitable terms.

  • Refinancing

Our extensive network of financiers and ongoing contact with participants and the pulse of financial markets enables us to advise creatively on managing the refinancing process including negotiating pricing, covenants and other terms with creditors.

We could also advise on releasing cash locked in fixed assets to fund growth, underpin the stability of Clients’ business or to pay down liabilities under the most suitable terms that match objectives, credit capacity and risk tolerances.

  • Private Placements – Debt

We advise borrowers on private placements across the credit spectrum, whether for growth capital, acquisitions, shareholder liquidity, refinancing or restructuring whether it is for single-buyers, limited distribution or fully-syndicated transactions.

Our extensive relationships with institutional investors and family offices allows us to extend our services to bringing buyers and sellers together in an expedient and effective manner.

  • Debt Capital Markets

We work closely with our Clients (in partnership with FCA and DFSA regulated affiliates) to prepare them and manage the process towards accessing public debt markets. We would perform credit analysis, determine the appropriate type of leverage, credit capacity, capital structure, size and pricing, coverage ratios, covenants and assist in selecting and working closely with the underwriters/ counterparties, lawyers, regulators and rating agencies and consultants where applicable and providing valuable support in investor road shows so that our Clients are not distracted from conducting their normal course of business.

  • Credit Rating Analysis and Process Management

We advise rated and unrated corporations by helping them assess in advance the impact of corporate decisions and financial structures on their credit rating and assessing the costs and benefits of getting an official rating. We also help them manage the rating process with the rating agencies.

  • Structured Finance and Securitization

We provide independent advisory services for structured finance and securitization transactions providing the full cycle from origination and structuring to credit management, channel management and accounting.

Midas Advisory looks beyond the balance sheet to provide customized asset finance solutions that meet the individual needs of our Clients. Our entrepreneurial, creative and commercial approach ensures Clients gain the optimal level of funding against the value of each asset.

We advise on a range of both new and used assets, including capital equipment, vehicles, invoices to release cash tied up in the sales ledger, receivables and VAT deferment to smooth cash flow.

  • Special Situations, Asset Swaps and Distressed Assets

We provide advice in relation to debt for debt, debt for equity and hybrid swaps to companies that are looking for creative and customized solutions, and also for underperforming or financially distressed businesses. Our work involves advising Clients on all aspects of restructuring, valuation and dealing with senior and junior creditors and financial sponsors.

We assess all the business assets including property, machinery and vehicles, plus directors’ personal guarantees, their assets and other intellectual or financial considerations. From this we are able to advise on the best customized solution and facilitate the connection with specialist financiers for the same.

Equity Advisory Services:

Midas Advisory advises on the best equity capital market outcomes for our Clients including optimal pricing and terms with dealers and more accurate market judgement.

We utilize our deep understanding of investor behavior, latest market trends and transactions and our extensive network with investors to achieve optimal deal structures.

In partnership with FCA and DFSA regulated affiliates, we cover all types of deals/structures including IPOs, follow-ons, dual track exits, rights issues, placings, block trades, convertible bonds and exchangeable bonds and are not conflicted as independent financial advisers and have no benefit in pursuing one financing alternative over another nor are we biased by the existence of equity-dealing loyalties and relationships with various types of investors.

Our independent advisory model positions us for solely achieving the best possible result for our Clients and minimizing their execution risk.

Our advisory service offering includes:

  • IPOs and secondary offerings
  • Block trades
  • Spin-offs
  • Private Placements - Equity and Hybrids
  • Convertible Securities

Advice generally comprises valuations, assessment of the most optimal capital structure, transaction management, incentive structuring, investor targeting and positioning, size and pricing, underwriter/ counterparty selection, listing venue selection where applicable and drafting of Circulars, Investor Memorandum and Preliminary Prospectus.