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Midas Advisory helps private and public organizations transform their capabilities in the most effective manner whether its processes, functions, organizational structures, operating models, mission statements or technology.

We understand that one of the keys to sustaining a competitive advantage when there is constant change is to get the best from people and business processes at every level to overcome organizational and cultural inertia.

Our organizational design and business transformation services spans the following areas:

  • Diagnose organizational effectiveness and understanding the organizational DNA and the interdependencies between various internal and external stakeholders, processes and functions
  • Change readiness assessments
  • Transformation communication strategies
  • Aligning the operating model and the relationship between the building blocks of the internal architecture in an optimal way so that it best supports the Client’s overall business strategy
  • Identifying cross-departmental barriers and the required success factors for effective integration and transformation
  • Change management, implementation and sustainment strategies
  • Building an internal business transformation capability
  • Identifying and facilitating critical partnerships, relationships and linkages needed to support and sustain a successful transformation
  • Consulting advice on best practices and considerations
  • Coaching transformation leaders
  • Alignment of the formal aspects of an organization with its the informal aspects
  • Developing digital capabilities
  • Performance management related transformations
  • Cross-functional re-designs
  • Leadership style transformations