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Midas Advisory (offshore) is a leading entrepreneurial mid-market corporate advisory firm offering a full suite of services in corporate finance, investment advisory, executive representation, and management consulting.

Corporate Finance

Our expertise encompasses advising on financial and corporate strategies, optimizing timing and market positioning for both equity and debt, crafting effective communication strategies, and fine-tuning capital structures and allocation strategies, including capital expenditures, mergers and acquisitions, share repurchases, and dividends. Furthermore, we provide support in negotiating and finalizing transactions, and in selecting underwriters, ensuring terms are optimized for purchase/sale price, consideration forms, transaction structure, options treatment, employee retention, representations and warranties, and no-shop/go-shop clauses.

Midas Advisory has long-standing relationships with more than 332 investor channels including private equity, venture capital, credit funds, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurance firms, commercial banks, and family offices.

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Midas Advisory offers expert guidance across a range of corporate transactions and non-transactional engagements. In buy-side mergers and acquisitions, we identify targets and devise strategies to navigate structural, financial, and regulatory challenges. For sell-side de-mergers and spin-offs, we develop strategies to enhance stakeholder value, considering recapitalizations, split-offs, and more. We support joint ventures and strategic alliances by facilitating negotiations and advising on valuation and structure, tailored to local dynamics and client goals. In takeover defences, we provide strategies against unsolicited takeovers and shareholder activism, leveraging our deep market insight. Additionally, we support management buy-outs/buy-ins, optimizing financial outcomes for management and aligning their interests with shareholders through strategies such as earn-outs.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Investment Advisory

We assist investors in identifying and originating investment opportunities that match their strategies and risk profiles, offering support through the entire process. This includes crafting tailored acquisition strategies, providing in-depth market analysis, engaging target companies, gathering essential data for investment evaluation, and conducting comprehensive analysis and valuations of potential acquisitions, considering synergies and savings. Our service extends to coordinating with legal and other advisory professionals, developing competitive bidding strategies, negotiating contractual terms, aiding in transaction closure alongside legal advisors, and overseeing the management of due diligence activities. Throughout, we ensure a seamless investment process, leading to a successful conclusion

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Board & Executive Representation

Midas Advisory offers comprehensive representation for clients in various roles, including serving as operating partners or non-executive directors, managing special projects, guiding through transitional executive phases, and representing interests in negotiations or transformation initiatives. Our expertise extends to delivering fairness opinions to boards and special committees, ensuring fiduciary responsibilities are met through objective analysis across synergistic mergers, competing offers, and related party transactions. Additionally, we provide strategic advice to mitigate and respond to shareholder activism, tailoring actions to safeguard client interests, and also support activist shareholders with analytical and strategic advocacy.

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Management Consulting

Midas Advisory delivers international management consulting services across public and private sectors, with a robust track record in a wide array of areas including strategy, organizational design, business transformations, value creation plans, and research. Our value proposition lies in our entrepreneurial agility, global expertise, and extensive industry knowledge. We apply international best practices tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients’ local environments, ensuring customized, effective solutions across diverse industry segments.

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Midas Advisory partners with clients to refine their business models and strategies, recognizing opportunities for improvement and steering through the challenges of competitive markets, consumer behaviour shifts, digital advancements, and regulatory changes. Our comprehensive approach includes operations optimization, supply chain refinement, post-merger integration, and growth strategies focused on cost management, strategic planning, market segmentation, and digital insights. Additionally, our technology strategy services range from IT investment decision-making to implementing advancements in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more.

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