Investment Advisory

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Investment Advisory

Midas Advisory assists investors in identifying and sourcing investment opportunities that align with their strategies and risk profiles, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire investment process. Recognizing the challenges funds face in deploying capital in private markets—such as finding suitable opportunities that fit minimum ticket size, geographic and industry scope, capital structure requirements, and key performance indicators - we enhance origination capabilities to ensure effective deployment of capital.

Our services also include developing tailored acquisition strategies, conducting in-depth market analysis, and engaging with target companies. We gather essential data for investment evaluation and conduct comprehensive analysis and valuations of potential acquisitions, considering synergies and savings. Additionally, we coordinate with legal and advisory professionals, develop competitive bidding strategies, negotiate contractual terms, and assist with transaction closure alongside legal advisors. We manage due diligence activities, ensuring a seamless investment process from start to finish.

Leveraging our extensive experience and broad network, we offer strategic insights and detailed analysis to align each investment with our clients' objectives and risk tolerance. Our holistic approach encompasses every stage of the investment process, providing clients with the tools and expertise needed to navigate complex transactions effectively. This approach ensures that investments not only meet but exceed initial expectations, thereby maximizing returns and achieving strategic goals.

Our deep industry knowledge and strong network of relationships allow us to source and secure compelling investment opportunities, ensuring that our investor clients remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market.

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Midas Advisory operates with a core team in London, UK with business entities strategically registered offshore and in Canada to better service our international client base.

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