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Value Creation Plans

To achieve outcomes that surpass the expectations set by the original investment thesis, Midas Advisory assists in populating value creation plans (VCP). Our approach focuses on sales growth strategies (like pricing adjustments, exploring new markets, and leveraging data analytics), while also streamlining working capital and boosting operating profits through process redesign, procurement optimization, and digitization. We provide comprehensive VCP implementation, governance, and monitoring solutions, alongside human capital management strategies that align incentives with VCP goals.

Supported by a vast network of expert resources and C-level executives, Midas Advisory brings together the finest internal and external capabilities. Our experts are meticulously selected for their alignment with specific value creation work streams, ensuring that every aspect of our VCP is powered by unparalleled expertise. We do not only aim to identify opportunities for growth and efficiency but also to lay down a concrete path for their achievement, thereby ensuring sustained value generation and competitive advantage in a constantly evolving market landscape.

Sales Growth
  • Strategic Pricing: Leveraging advanced pricing strategies to enhance value.
  • Market Expansion: Exploring new products, geographies, and vertical markets.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Utilizing analytics to uncover growth opportunities and optimize sales strategies.
Working Capital Enhancements
  • Cash Flow Optimization: Streamlining processes to improve liquidity and financial flexibility.
  • Inventory Management: Reducing costs and freeing up capital through efficient inventory practices.
Operating Profit
  • Business Process Re-engineering: Innovating business models and operations for efficiency.
  • Procurement and Productivity: Enhancing procurement practices and workforce productivity for cost savings.
  • Overhead Reduction: Identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenses to improve bottom-line performance.
  • Digital Transformation: Incorporating digitization and analytics to streamline operations and enhance decision-making.
  • Profit Margin Rationalization: Adjusting product or service mix to prioritize high-margin offerings.
VCP Implementation and Governance
  • Strategic Execution Plans: Developing comprehensive implementation plans tailored to specific objectives.
  • Robust Governance Structures: Establishing governance frameworks to oversee and guide VCP execution.
  • Performance Dashboards: Implementing tracking dashboards for real-time monitoring and management of value creation initiatives.
Human Capital Management
  • Incentive Structures: Designing and monitoring incentive programs directly aligned with VCP goals to motivate and engage employees at all levels.
  • Talent Optimization: Strategically managing human resources to align with value creation objectives and corporate vision.

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