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Equity Advisory

Leveraging our deep understanding of investor behaviour and market trends, alongside a vast network, we tailor deal structures that maximize value. Our offerings include spin-offs, private placements, convertible securities, and block trades, all underpinned by comprehensive services in valuation, capital structure optimization, transaction management, and investor engagement. Our independent stance ensures unbiased advice across all deal types, prioritizing client outcomes without conflicts of interest from equity-dealing relationships with investors.

At Midas Advisory, we are committed to delivering the most favourable outcomes in the private equity capital markets for our clients, ensuring optimal pricing, terms, and precise market assessments. Our deep insights into investor behaviour, coupled with our awareness of the latest market trends and our extensive investor network, enable us to customize deal structures that achieve clients' objectives. Our comprehensive coverage of deal structures is enhanced by our role as independent financial advisors. This independence guarantees that our advice remains uninfluenced by external incentives or equity-dealing affiliations, allowing us to concentrate exclusively on achieving outstanding results for our clients while minimizing execution risks.

Our service offerings include:

  • Block Trades
  • Spin-offs
  • Private Placements (Equity and Hybrid Instruments)
  • Convertible Securities

Our advisory capabilities cover a wide range, including valuations, capital structure optimization, transaction management, incentive structuring, investor targeting and positioning, size and pricing, selection of underwriters/counterparties, and the preparation of Circulars, Investor Memoranda, and Preliminary Prospectuses.

Leveraging a combination of sector-specific insights and expertise in private equity capital markets, we specialize in structuring and syndicating financing solutions tailored to our clients' strategic goals. We approach each transaction with a custom strategy designed to develop a capital structure that achieves our clients' strategic objectives while securing the best possible terms in the market.

As strategic consultants, Midas Advisory supports a wide array of equity financing scenarios, ranging from minority equity placements to equity-linked securities. Our core philosophy is centred around meticulous execution, unbiased advice, seasoned judgment, and in-depth insights into all aspects of capital formation and market transactions.

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