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Organizational Design & Business Transformation

We empower private and public organizations to effectively transform their capabilities, ranging from processes and structures to technology and operating models. We recognize the importance of harnessing the potential of people and processes to maintain a competitive edge amidst constant change. Our services extend from diagnosing organizational effectiveness to change management and digital capability development. We also assist in overcoming cross-departmental barriers, consulting on best practices, coaching leaders, and integrating both the formal and informal aspects of an organization.

Organizational Effectiveness Diagnosis
  • Deeply analyse the organizational fabric to illuminate the intricate web of stakeholder relationships, processes, and functional interdependencies.
  • Conduct comprehensive change readiness assessments, leveraging proprietary tools to evaluate your organization's capacity for transformation and resilience.
Transformation Strategy
  • Craft bespoke communication strategies, infusing change initiatives with clarity and purpose, fostering stakeholder engagement and alignment.
  • Tailor operating models to serve as robust foundations that elevate business strategy, ensuring an optimized, agile, and scalable internal architecture.
Integration and Alignment
  • Surface and address cross-departmental barriers, pinpointing and deploying key success factors for seamless integration and transformation.
  • Deploy sophisticated change management methodologies, blending best practices with innovative techniques for enduring change and transformation sustainability.
  • Develop internal capabilities, instilling a culture of continuous improvement and agility, preparing organizations to thrive amid change.
Partnerships and Linkages
  • Engineer strategic partnerships and ecosystems, augmenting the transformation journey with pivotal relationships and collaborations.
  • Disseminate insights and best practices gleaned from the forefront of organizational transformation, guiding clients through the complexity of change.
Leadership, Culture, and Performance
  • Offer tailored coaching to transformation leaders, empowering them with the strategies and insights needed to navigate change with confidence and integrity.
  • Harmonize the formal and informal elements of organizational culture, creating a unified, dynamic, and adaptive environment.
  • Propel digital and technological advancements, ensuring organizations are equipped to leverage digital transformations effectively.
  • Elevate performance management frameworks, aligning metrics with strategic objectives to foster accountability and excellence.
  • Facilitate cross-functional redesigns and leadership evolution, aligning leadership styles and structures with the demands of the modern business landscape.

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Adel Haddadin Founder & Managing Director

Our management consulting team includes a carefully cultivated network of external and specialized management consultants that share our values and passion for delivering the highest quality service.

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